One-Stop-Shop Bookmarking site

Hello friends, I have an amazing website to help you all with remembering the webpages and websites that you love the most. Try this.SocialMarker is a bookmarking tool that lets you use a single stop bookmarking for 32 Bookmarking sites.It took me half an hour to bookmark on these sites.
They claim that it can be filled in 15 minutes.

SocialPoster boasts of 61 bookmarking sites.

If one bookmarks in so much sites, search engines like Google will pick his site very early.


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  1. Netty Gritty said,

    April 15, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    hello asat,

    socialmarker is indeed very convenient, but the codes socialmarker provides are not compatible with wordpress.COM. so it seems bloggers can’t use it in their blogs. but i have figured out how to use socialmarker for blog posts

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